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Lawn Care Maintenance Programs

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Power edging along concrete walks, driveways, patios and curbs removes overgrown grass and gives a finished look to a lawn. Curb appeal is easy when a lawn has a crisp well maintained look. When added to a professionally maintained lawn, it really gives a property that extra something.


Toro trimmers are just one of the many tools we use in the landscape. Shrubs are special plants that have their own requirements for care, which include regular pruning to ensure the continued health and vigor of the plant. There are several techniques for pruning shrubs such as: renewal, rejuvenation, shearing and developmental/shaping.

We will determine what pruning method is best for a particular plant based on why we are pruning it, paying attention to plant health, development and aesthetics.

We can also trim and growth train younger trees as well as trim low branches on older trees.

Shrubs and trees have specific times when they should be pruned, please plan ahead and schedule work as soon as possible.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Lawn cleanups are an important part of lawn maintenance. Lawn and landscaped areas should have leaves and debris removed to ensure healthy plants and deter pest damage. Gutters and concrete areas should be cleaned also to prevent clogs and staining. Spring cleanups are started as soon as the soil is firm enough to handle the equipment, and Fall cleanups are done until the soil freezes.

Lawn Mowing

We use Toro commercial mowers.

Our basic mowing service includes: mowing the lawn, trimming around trees and edges and then blowing grass from driveways, sidewalks and landscape.

We use commercial mowers for quality and safety. During the regular growing season, we do not collect or bag the grass due to the fact that grass is mostly water and up to 5% of the clipping is readily usable nitrogen for your lawn. The method of recycling the clippings back into the lawn is called grass-recycling.


Dethatching is a dirty job and we are the somebody to do it! Thatch is the layer of dead and decomposing material between grass roots and the surface. A healthy lawn will have about 1/2″ of thatch to help control erosion and retain moisture. If a lawn develops more than this, thatch can stop much needed water, air and fertilizers from reaching the roots. Dethatching is the process of vertically slicing the thatch to loosen and remove it. The process includes running a dethatcher over the lawn, then raking or sweeping up the debris and finally mowing and bagging the clippings. Dethatching is a labor intensive and time consuming job and priced accordingly.

Call us in the early Spring or Fall to schedule dethatching. Lawns can be immediately over seeded or fertilized after the service.

Landscape Planting

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